Top Free Birthday E-card Sites

Top Free Birthday E-card Sites

Everyone knows the horrible feeling of realizing that you forgot to send a birthday card to a friend or loved one. This feeling is made worse when you realize this on the day of their birthday, because you know that your card will be late. This leads us to the beauty of the e-card. You can send an e-card to someone on the same day as their birthday and they will never know that you forgot to mail a card early. The websites featured in this article offer free birthday e-cards for people of all ages.

I know everyone says you should save the best for last, but I love this free e-card website so much that I can’t wait to share it with you. My favorite free birthday e-card website is (drum roll please) the Build-a-Bear website. Although these cards look childish, they will work for any age group. I like the “pick your age” card the best because when it tells the recipient to pick their age, it they pick the “older” choice it says “you’re old” and fills the cake with candles. I sent this card to my mom and she laughed hysterically. It really made her day. Another pro for this website is the fact that it allows you to pick which day you wish to send your card. For example, if your best friend’s birthday is on a Friday and on Monday you have some free time, you can pick out your e-card and tell it to send on Friday. This is an excellent option because if your friend’s birthday slips your mind on Friday, they will still get the e-card you sent. This site also offers e-cards for other occasions.

The next website is 123Greetings, It has over 350 free birthday e-cards to choose from. This site offers card with and without animation. The e-cards are divided into categories titled Birthday Wishes, For Your Friends, Happy Birthday, Birthday Songs, Birthday Fun, Birthday Flowers, For Your Family, and Birthday Smiles. The main categories are divided into subcategories for further convenience. A major plus for this site is that it allows you to attach a GiveAnything gift card to your e-card. This gift card can be spent at over 300 online stores and is a nice, safe alternative to sending a traditional card and money through the postal service.

Another website that offers free birthday e-cards is The Birthday. This site has a large selection of birthday cards and even offers cards for a few other occasions. One thing that I found very cute about this site was the fact that you can send your family pet a birthday e-card. Sending the family pet a birthday card is a nice option for couples who don’t have children or for people who just love their pets. Zodiac sign e-cards are also featured on this site.

Egreetings is another exceptional free e-card site that has birthday cards and cards for other occasions. This site offers the option of attaching a photo to the e-card. This allows you to easily add a personal touch to your card and let the recipient know how much you care. It offers animated and postcard style e-cards. Card categories include: Anyone, Belated, Family, Friend, Funny, Just for Her, Just for Him, Kids, Over the Hill, Pets, Romantic, and Workplace. The workplace e-cards are a cute idea for a co-worker since a typical birthday card might seem “strange” to send to someone in the office.

The final website I found for you is Blue Mountain. A unique feature of this site is that it offers birthday cards in Spanish. The downside to this website is that it is only free for a month. 🙁 But, if you are looking to send a card just this one time or you have a month full of birthday’s, this would be an acceptable site to use. It also offers cards for other occasions.

I hope you find this information helpful and I hope it helps you wish that special someone happy birthday in a special way.

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