Tips for Finding Free Product Samples by Mail

Tips for Finding Free Product Samples by Mail

Getting free product samples by mail remains to be one of the best methods used by millions of consumers to try out different new products. Just like with the other methods, using mail to get the free samples also has its merits and demerits and if used wisely, you can have access to an endless supply of freebies. Here is how to go about it.

Finding the samples by mail

It is important that you know where to search for the free stuff by mail. Fortunately, there are several such places where you can find them on a daily basis. The best idea is to stay close to the companies you are interested in their free samples in the social media and constantly check their websites. These are the avenues they will use to alert their customers of any available offers. While using mails for the free samples, don’t be too picky as you might miss a lot of the samples. Take as many samples as possible and you will always find what to do with them once they are delivered.

Requesting for the samples

Once you have identified the sample by mail that you feel interested in, you will have to request for them to be delivered to you. This process is very simple. You will be required to fill out a request form where you’ll basically give your name and mailing address. In some instances, you may be required to complete a small survey about the company or their products. This should not bother you and it should not take a lot of time either. You must however be careful with the information you give. Don’t give any sensitive information such as those relating to your bank details and credit card.

Utilizing the free samples

Upon delivery, you will have to decide what to do with the free samples. If you find that you don’t have any immediate use for them, you can store them away and wait until their use surfaces one day. For instance, you can store away items like shampoos or deodorants and use them when you travel. They will offer you convenience and they won’t take much of your travelling space either.

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