Three Tips to Avoid Free Baby Samples Scams

Three Tips to Avoid Free Baby Samples ScamsThere are certain unscrupulous traders who are keen on ripping off unsuspecting mothers looking for free baby samples. Their intention is to take advantage of the desperate women by positioning themselves as being able to offer high quality samples yet in the real sense, their interest is to offer the mothers low quality products or coerce them indirectly into buying from their companies. But it only requires a little bit of intelligence and caution to steer clear from this group of people. Here are some of the pointers to look out for.

The information required

Very simple and basic personal information is required by the genuine companies to deliver the free baby samples. In most cases, they will ask for an email address which they will use for future communications then they will also ask for the mailing address or the place of residence. This is in order to facilitate the delivery of the sample. Be cautious with any company asking for further information such as social security number, bank details, credit card information etc. These are not needed in order to deliver the free samples.

The source of the sample

It is advisable to consider applying for free baby samples that are given by the renowned companies. Their reputation puts them in a position not to get involved with malpractices which can hurt their image. It took them time and effort to build the reputation and they will do everything to protect it. Most of the little known companies have the propensity to lax in their standards and this can lead to a sour experience when looking for free samples hence it is a good idea to avoid them unless they have unique products that the big brands still do not have.

Unrealistic claims

Be cautious with the companies who promise big results with their free baby samples. Even though the use of free samples is a marketing strategy, a good company will avail the relevant information and let you make your own informed decision. It’s only scammers or amateurs who try to sway customer decision with big big results when you try their products.

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