Why You Did Not Receive Your Free Food Sample by Mail

Why You Did Not Receive Your Free Food Sample by MailSome people often wonder why the fail to get their free food samples delivered by mail yet they are convinced that they did follow the correct instructions when applying for them. Though the free samples can at time take up to several months before they get delivered, there are a few reasons why they may totally fail to reach your mailbox. Some of the reasons are as stated below :

Disqualification from the free samples

If you request for a sample that you do not qualify for, you will be automatically disqualified and it won’t get delivered to your mailbox. For instance, a sample may be available for residents of a particular region or a given demographic and if you do not fit such profiles, then you request may be considered null and void.

Failure to confirm request submissions

There are some types of free food samples which will require the consumers to confirm their request by clicking certain links given after the submission is made. But a majority of people are fond of navigating away from the sites without making the confirmation and as a result, the request will be deemed as incomplete hence won’t be mailed out.

When your mailbox if full

It’s normally a common occurrence for your mailbox to get full when you are away on a long trip or on vacation. When new mails arrive and find a full mailbox, the post master will take back the mails with them and probably send them back to the sender. Due to this, you are likely to miss out on your free food samples if it arrives to a full mailbox. In order to avoid this, you can inform your post office about your absence so that they do not make any deliveries during those periods.

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