Reasons why You Did Not Receive Your Free Product Samples

Reasons why You Did Not Receive Your Free Product SamplesIn some cases, people apply for the free product samples as stipulated but still end up not getting them. If you are certain that you did apply for the sample in the correct manner but failed to get it, then there are various reasons why the sample did not reach to you. In most of the cases, the problem lies either between you or the company that is giving out the free samples. The following are some of the reasons that can make you not receive a free sample after signing up for it.

When you apple for the wrong samples

Some free product samples will have certain conditions which dictate who can apply and who is not allowed to apply for them. They could be available for residents of a particular region or people belonging to a given demographic. If you go ahead and apply without meeting the requisite conditions, then the company may disqualify from the sample and they won’t mail it out to you.

Wrong entry in the forms

You can also miss out on your free product sample if you made wrong entries when filling out the application forms. This normally happens when you give a wrong mailing address which will make the sample to be delivered to an address that is not yours. Some samples will also require confirmation after you submit the form but because you are in a hurry, you forget to confirm the application and you end up not being considered for the free sample.

Issues with postage

Unless you gave the wrong address, there are very few instances of the post office failing to deliver your free product sample. For instance, your mail box can get full when you are away on vacation or long travels. When your free sample is delivered and the post man finds a full mail box, he will have no option but to take it back with him. Hence it is a good idea to inform your post office if you will be away so that your mails do not get delivered during this time.

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