Personal Privacy and Free Baby Stuff

Personal Privacy and Free Baby StuffIt’s possible to give more than enough information which can compromise your personal privacy while requesting for the free baby stuff. The basic information needed is actually your mailing details to facilitate the delivery of the sample and your email address for future sample alerts. However, there are certain companies which will ask more than the two. When dealing with such companies, use the guideline below to safeguard your information as well as your personal privacy.

Phone Number

Be cautious with the companies you reveal your phone numbers to. Unless you are absolutely certain that they are legit and they will protect your information, never reveal your phone number to them. If you must input a phone number, give a fake one so that you pass the process and proceed with your application.

Date of birth

Again, there is no relevance whatsoever between your date of birth and the delivery of your free baby stuff. The company may want to know about your age or they probable want to use the date for marketing purposes. You are under no obligation to reveal it to them and you can always give false figures if you are not comfortable.


Many companies will also want to sign you up for their newsletters when you apply for the free baby stuff. The reason for this is for future email marketing by the company. They can end up sending a lot of marketing emails which will completely mess up your inbox. It is a good idea to have a separate email to make the application so that you save your main email from the junk mails.


If you are presented with a survey in order to qualify for free baby stuff, decide whether or not you want to take it. If you decide to take it, consider keenly the kind of personal information you reveal to them lest you compromise your personal privacy.

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