One Great Way to Get the Best Beauty Samples Ever Offered!

One Great Way to Get the Best Beauty Samples Ever Offered!Getting free beauty samples in the mail or when you’re out shopping is a great way to try something new, either a different brand or color of makeup or a product you’ve never used before. Freebies can also help to keep you stocked with makeup; you might be scraping the bottom of your eye shadow tin when you realize that you got a great pack of shadow free samples in the mail recently, or may run out of foundation but can use all those great trial sizes that are stacked on your makeup counter to get you through.

It’s not difficult to score free beauty samples today as many sites offer coupons or allow you to fill out surveys in order to get those trial sizes of products. However, there is one great way to get the best samples out there and it involves very little work on your part!

Join a Rewards Club

Most stores such as Sephora and ULTA allow their customers to join a type of rewards club so that you can build up credit toward deluxe samples and kits. Sephora calls their rewards club their Beauty Insider, and to join you simply sign up and then shop as you would normally. For every purchase you earn points and those points are banked for you to use on their larger and more deluxe samples. Their online site will tell you the points you’ve earned and you can then click through and see which samples you can try or can keep banking your points for something bigger and better.

Is There a Catch?

When joining a rewards club of any type, you might immediately wonder if there’s some type of catch or some fine print you should read. In most cases the only “catch” is that you need to shop and make purchases in order to earn points that go toward those deluxe samples.

For most women this isn’t a “catch” as you’re probably going to shop at those stores anyway! Many women love to shop in person at stores like Sephora and ULTA since they have all their products available for testing before you purchase, and you can apply points to your account even when shopping in stores. Since you’re going to buy their products anyway, why not consider joining their rewards club and scoring some great free beauty samples in the process?

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