How to Get Free Samples from Walmart

 How to Get Free Samples from Walmart

Kraft isn’t the only company that gives out free food. Walmart gives out free samples too. The difference is that Walmart isn’t the producer of the products; other companies send samples to Walmart to distribute. In other words, supplies at Walmart’s free sample program are even more limited, so samples may be gone within a few hours.

Walmart gives out both new and old products, but they are almost always brand name. They give away food, but also other things like shampoo and medicine. You can find Walmart Free Samples Here

Click on the images of the products you want to bring up a free sample request form. You don’t really need to fill in much information at all: just your name, address, and birthday. You’ll see your free sample in about a month!

Like Kraft, you have to live in America to get the free samples. Also, each sample can only be requested once. There is no thing where you can spread it around among your family like with Kraft.

You should also be weary of their privacy policy: Walmart shares its information with its suppliers, so you shouldn’t show anything that you don’t want others to know.

If you don’t want Walmart to have your information, you can always elect to go to a Walmart Free Sample event instead.

Walmart isn’t the only company that gives out free stuff, of course. There is also Kraft, StartSampling, Target, and Vocalpoint.

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