How to Get Free Makeup Samples? Speak Up and Ask!

How to Get Free Makeup Samples? Speak Up and Ask!Wouldn’t you love to get free makeup samples every time you shopped? Would you like to see your makeup case filled to capacity with products you didn’t need to pay for, including high-end luxury brands? Would you like to try some new makeup products and brands without investing hundreds of dollars in bottles of product that you may wind up not liking or that may not work well with your skin?

If you love the idea of getting free makeup samples every time you shop or of filling up your bag or makeup case with free samples, all you need to do is speak up and ask! Many stores and cosmetics brands give away free samples regularly or as part of a promo, but they typically also offer them to customers when they ask for them. How can you do this successfully without being overbearing or seeming as if you just want to get something for nothing? Consider a few simple tips.

Find the places that give out samples before you ask

Most high-end stores like Sephora or ULTA will give away samples to customers if they ask, but these stores also typically have a rewards club you join for samples. When you do ask, be prepared for a sales pitch about their rewards club, but you can tell the clerk that you just want a sample or two that day. They’re usually happy to accommodate.

Keep your expectations modest

Never walk into a store and assume you’re going to load up with armfuls of free makeup samples. Instead, ask for one or two specific samples or ask for what they have available that day. The clerk may offer you just a sample of one or two products, but if you shop every weekend or throughout the week, you can find yourself with a nice selection of samples soon enough.

Be sincerely interested in a product

Rather than simply marching up to the counter and asking for something for free, try some different cosmetics that may actually interest you and ask the clerk if they have a free sample. This way they know the sample will go to good use and that you’re not simply asking for a handout. You’re more likely to get more than one sample this way as well, since they might have similar products they want you to try.

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