Free Samsung Galaxy S4

Free Samsung Galaxy S4

Free Samsung Galaxy S4

What better way to jump into summer fun than with a Free Samsung Galaxy S4 phone! And, now you can get this phone that is regularly priced at $579 for absolutely free with just a few easy survey steps. More details below but first more about the amazing Samsung Galaxy S4 phone.

For work or play, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is ideal for all your on the go computing needs, with power to surf the web; create and share documents; play games; take stunning videos, watch videos in HD with brilliant resolution; chat with friends or listen to your favorite music. Super light and sleek with innovative design, only 4.6 ounces and Wifi/Bluetooth enabled for where ever you want to go.

Generously equipped with a 5” full HD, touch enabled display, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is powered by the ultra fast quad core Samsung processor. Enjoy rich, vibrant colors from your movies and crystal clear audio. A step up from previous models, the S4 has many touch screen and hands free features to help you multi task your day.

‘Samsung Smart Pause’ feature allows you to control the screen with your eyes; a fun way to enjoy your favorite Youtube videos on the go so when you look away from the screen your video pauses until you look back. Easily scroll up or down pages with ‘Smart Scroll’, which tracks your eye movement, recognizing where you want to go so you never have to touch your screen.

And, ‘Air View’ takes touch-less technology one step further, giving you the power to hover your fingers above the screen to preview contents of an email, photo or video.

With just a wave of your fingers you can easily scroll your play-list and play or skip a music track; magnify the web page on your mobile browser or accept a phone call from a friend.

The Group Play feature let’s you instantly connect with friends to share favorite music, videos or photos to any other Galaxy S4 handset.

Fun photo apps make you a Facebook photo sharing superstar! Capture up to 9 seconds of audio as you take a photo with the built in Sound and Shot app or snap multiple rapid fire images in a burst mode and then combine into one image with the Drama Shot feature.

Dual front and rear racing cameras let you take photos or videos simultaneously from both sides and then stitch together. Ideal for a group shot where you’re the one taking the photo. Zero shutter lag means you can take continuous photos, ideal for high intensity sport’s situations.

For the sport’s enthusiast, the S-Health app gives you the power to track your workouts, daily calorie intake and weight, while monitoring your blood pressure and blood glucose levels.

And, if you’re a student, the Samsung Galaxy S4 can make your life easier in so many ways. Quickly look up a question on Google Search while in class; dictate notes or keep track of lecture progress; use the built in translator app to translate a text or voice file for answers you really need. Split screens on your Chrome mobile browser to compare sources. Conference with your classmates on Skype via the built in front facing 2MP video camera. Capture rich HD video in 1080p for a class project. Collage your favorite images together with the built in photo apps for a winning art class project. And, though the Samsung Galaxy S4 retails for, $579, you now have the chance to get one free.

How to get Free Samsung Galaxy S4 ?

You are looking for a chance to get Free Samsung Galaxy S4 ? Here we have Free Stuff Online research survey and you have a chance to get Free Samsung Galaxy S4. This Free Samsung Galaxy S4 offer is allow for people more than 18 years old in United States. Only need to submit Email/Zip Code and fill all required infomation in next page to get Free Samsung Galaxy S4. You can also check more Freebies.

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