Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

Free Printable Valentine's Day Cards

Making Valentine’s Day cards for everyone in my classroom when I was a kid was always exciting. We would decorate brown paper bags for Valentine’s Day and hang them neatly in a row, waiting for our valentines’ bags to fill up.
In those days, moms got store-bought Valentine’s Day cards for their children to bring to school and give to their friends. These days, however, all you need is a printer, some ink, a few supplies, and the Valentine’s Day card links listed below.

Get bright white greeting card paper to make your printable Valentine’s Day cards look their best. In an activity area, supply the children with safety scissors, scotch tape, glue, colored pencils, markers, and crayons. For an extra touch, let them decorate their printable Valentine’s Day cards by adding glitter, pom poms, beads, red cloth cut in the shape of a heart, yarn, red sequins, and stickers.

Full-Color Customizable Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

This excellent site offers 32 full-color free printable Valentine’s Day cards that are fully customizable. In my opinion, these are the best customizable Valentine’s Day cards on the web. Besides photo cards, there are clip art style cards, which include funny cards (a balding man playing cupid, a dizzy man who has been struck by Cupid), a card with two cats, more hearts, and more roses.

Some of the photo-quality card themes are conversational candy hearts, a valentine heart with roses, valentine balloons, a heart drawn in the sand, a box of chocolates (what life is like), and a beautiful single rose in a close-up shot. Check out the artistic picture of a heart outline made of chocolate chips on a shadowed red background.

What this website has that you won’t see anywhere else: the best selection and features for customizable, printable Valentine’s Day cards on the web; a template for making accompanying envelopes

Customizable Valentine’s Day Cards & Classroom Card Holders

This is another one of my favorite places for customizable Valentine’s Day cards. Their Valentine’s Day card maker tool allows you a choice of themes – seven different animal themes (bear, giraffe, unicorn, bunny, cat asleep on a heart, etc.), eight heart themes, and seven other themes (roses, girlfriend, boyfriend, etc.).

The card maker tool allows you to create your own message for the inside of the card and specify the font, font color, and font size. Your Valentine’s Day card can then be printed out in color or in black-and-white for children who wish to color their valentines.

This website also has 24 postcard-like printable Valentine’s Day cards plus your choice of three different cards for kids to give to teachers. Some of the themes for the regular cards are Scooby Doo, Sponge Bob, Power Puff Girls, Pokémon, and the ubiquitous valentine hearts.

The Valentine’s Day card holders for the classroom are one of the best things about this site. Four valentines’ card holders are made with small boxes, such as Kleenex or shoe boxes. Another Valentine’s Day card holder is made with paper plates, and yet another is in the form of a heart purse.

What this website has that you won’t see anywhere else: valentines for the teacher, unicorn valentine, classroom holders for valentines

Disney Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

Print out any of fifteen cute Disney Valentine’s Day Cards for school, friends, family, or for your child to give to anyone he or she likes. Some of the Disney characters on these cards are Mickey or Minnie Mouse, Cinderella, Pixar cars, Hannah Montana, and Winnie the Pooh characters. From the movie High School Musical come printable Valentine’s Day cards featuring Troy Bolton or Gabriella Montez in four different cards. If your child is giving out Valentine’s Day cards at school, check out this website.

What this website has that you won’t see anywhere else: the enormously popular High School Musical in the form of printable Valentine’s Day cards

Lupercalia, Spanish, and a Funny Web Copywriter

For these nine printable Valentine’s Day cards, you may choose text color and font, a Valentine’s Day greeting, what appears on the back of the card, a message with your “signature”, the background type, and card size. Some of the Valentine’s Day card artwork pictures two cats gazing at the sunset, a cute monster with a valentine and balloons “just for you”, a bluebird descending with an envelope, two children sharing a milkshake, and nice silhouette of Cupid. Valentine’s Day greetings express love, friendship, and two greetings are in Spanish. One unique Valentine’s Day greeting suggests the recipient “celebrate the Feast of Lupercalia”, an ancient Roman fertility festival that took place on February 14.

This website says you may add music and animation to these printable Valentine’s Day cards by jumping up and down and singing at the time you deliver them. Who says web copywriters don’t have a sense of humor?

What this website has that you won’t see anywhere else: Celebrate the Feast of Lupercalia, two Spanish Valentine’s Day messages

Victorian Style Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

There are only six printable Valentine’s Day cards here, but I am including them on this list because of the quality of the print art and for the uniqueness of the designs. One card called “Hugs” has a nice look to it; the font is in relief. My favorite on this page is the Victorian-style card with two children in turn-of-the-century garb, reading a newspaper.

What this website has that you won’t see anywhere else: a cat and a puppy making valentines together on the front of a card, two cute squirrels with their noses together, a couple of Victorian-style Valentine’s Day cards.

The Devil Made Me Do It

If you know Flip Wilson popularized the phrase “the devil made me do it”, your age is showing! Heck, if you even know who Flip Wilson is, your age is showing. On this website, cute printable Valentine’s Day cards are made easy for a child to print out, write on, and give to his or her friends at school. Three sheets of four cards have animals such as a hippo, duck, bear, penguin, dinosaur, mice, and a dog and a cat together with hearts bouncing around their heads. Talk about an odd couple.

What this website has that you won’t see anywhere else: “The Devil Made Me Do It” card

Baby, You Can Light My Fire

The photo quality printable Valentine’s Day cards on this site are mostly intended for more mature card recipients. Definitely not for children is the first card – a “Light My Fire” card picturing a pink valentine on top of a blazing hot fire – although a kid would probably think it had something to do with going camping on Valentine’s Day. The rest of these dozen printable Valentine’s Day cards include horses, cats in front of a fireplace, bouquets of roses, a vintage truck, and chocolate hearts. Each theme can be a quarter or half fold card. Quite a bit of message text may be included on these printable cards.

What this website has that you won’t see anywhere else: A dog driving an antique truck full of roses

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