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Free Food Sample TipsFree food samples are becoming notorious with most of the giant retail stores mainly as a means of increasing sales for their foodstuffs. Different kinds of foodstuffs are available as free food samples including cooked samples which the customers can just savor on site. But when it comes to the cooked samples, people should be cautious while approaching the service section. There is always a tendency by some to over indulge or scramble for the meals as they are always finished up quickly. Use these tips to guide your behavior while going for the free samples :

Be strategic while eating

There is no need to lose your table manners while eating free food samples at the stores despite the fact that so many people exhibit very strange behaviors when they see the food. Be strategic while sampling the foods and avoid the temptation to take fistful of foods and try to fill up your stomach. Remember, this it’s not a whole meal but simply a sample.

Be gently but assertive

Always have in mind that free food samples at the stores do vanish very quickly. Being too shy might make other aggressive fellows finish up the food before it’s your turn to take a sample. This is however not a suggestion to be overly aggressive and scramble for the food. Be gentl as you move through the queue and avoid knocking down people along the way. If you miss, just wait for next time and try to be a bit early for the samples.

Shop with a friend

Shopping with a friend can help you out when you do not like the food being sampled. This can also be a trick to get slightly more than what the rest are getting. You take the free food samples to don’t like and give them to your buddy in exchange of the samples that you like and they don’t want. This is just to take care of each other’s interests.

Don’t linger around too much

There are better things you can do rather than lingering around the food joints waiting for the free food samples. It’s not ethical and it can lower the respect that your colleagues have for you should they find you waiting around for free samples.

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