Free Beauty Samples and Scams

Free Beauty Samples and ScamsThe love of free beauty samples is not to go away anytime soon. The free samples are a great reprieve to a lot of ladies who want to look their best but are handicapped due to finances. They also offer the consumers a chance to try different products in order to determine the ones that they like best. But due to the existence of very many players in the market, there are certain freebie providers who aren’t genuine at all. They are out to scam hence the consumers need to watch out for them. Here is how to distinguish between genuine free samples from the scams.

Reputation of the company

Avoid looking for free makeup samples from companies that you have never heard of before. Instead, stick to the reputable companies who have established brands in the market as they have been tested to only produce products of good quality. The less known companies may as well be producers of low quality products that may end up causing harm to your health.

Look out for red flags

While making your request for the free samples, be keen to notice if there are any pointers that the company may not be genuine. One way to determine this is to evaluate the nature of the information they are asking for in order to send the free sample. Be cautious with any company asking for more than your email and mailing address. For instance, there is no need of giving your credit card information or making a small deposit in order to qualify for a free beauty sample.

Too big promises

You also need to be cautious with the companies who are making huge promises about their free beauty samples. This could be part of their marketing strategy to get as many people as possible to have the free samples and as a result, expand on their brand and market popularity. This false information is not only unethical but also misguiding. Therefore, be cautious with companies making such huge claims.

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