Free Baby Stuff: Four Ways to Get Free Baby Formulas

Free Baby Stuff: Four Ways to Get Free Baby FormulasIt is expensive to maintain a baby on regular formula but this burden can be alleviated by taking advantage of the free baby formula available from various sources. There are a number of stores that offer free baby stuff and getting to know about their free samples can significantly lower the financial stress that comes with buying new baby stuff each and every time. Here are four ways to easily get free baby formula.

Samples from the hospitals

Hospitals do receive free baby stuff from various companies and baby formula is among the items that are always in plenty. Parents can take this advantage and obtain free formula made available by the hospitals.

Samples from manufactures

Manufacturers of formula brands will occasionally offer free samples via their websites or through coupon labels. Parents who are interested in receiving free baby stuff from such manufacturers can apply to be considered through the company’s websites. It is also a good idea to call the customer care department of the manufacturers and ask if there are free sample formulas available.

Formula coupons

Formula coupon is another method that parents can use to access free formula. This is relatively easy because the formula manufactures face steep competition from each another and they will always offer coupons to try and attract more sales. Such coupons can be found in sources like parenting websites, newspapers, and local stores or in some of the infant products.

Women, Infant and Children Programs

If your country has special programs catering for pregnant women and those that are already breastfeeding, then you may be eligible for free supply of baby formula and other free baby stuff for a given period of time. For instance, the United States have a special program for Women infants and children in which mothers are provided with free baby formula for one year and other nutritional foods for the other kids who are below the age of five years. But this is subject to certain criteria and guidelines.

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