How to Ensure that Your Free Samples by Mail Don’t Get Lost

How to Ensure that Your Free Samples by Mail Don’t Get Lost

You may experience situations where you sign up for free samples by mail but they fail to get delivered. Several factors could be responsible for this failed delivery with scamming being one of them. But if you are certain that you applied for your free sample from a legitimate and a reputable website, the following factors might be responsible for the failed delivery. Always watch out for them to ensure that all your free samples get delivered :

Follow rules

Free samples by mail will not be delivered if you don’t follow the rules outlined during the application. Every application will come with a set of conditions which must be met by applicants. Some of these conditions may disqualify you hence even if you complete the application, the product will still not be delivered. Therefore, be careful to check the fine print and be certain that you are qualified for the sample before sending your application.

Complete the form

You will also fail to get your free samples by mail if you submit incomplete application form. Probably you were in a hurry and forgot to fill in some crucial details which were necessary to facilitate the delivery. Check out for the mandatory as well as the optional fields and double check to ensure that every relevant field is completed correctly and that there are no errors before clicking the submit button.

Check with your post office

If you anticipate that your free samples by mail might arrive when you are away on a trip, be sure to alert your post office by filling out the vacation hold form. Failure to do this might get your mail box filled and get the free sample returned.

Otherwise if you still don’t receive your free sample when you are certain that you did everything correctly, follow up with the company you got it from. They can be able to trace its status and tell you exactly why you haven’t received it yet. But be sure to do the follow up after around eight weeks as this is the normal time the free samples take to ship.

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