Common Mistakes People Make with Free Stuff Online

Common Mistakes People Make with Free Stuff OnlineThere is so much crave about free stuff online that some shoppers no longer mind about the items they are requesting for. While free stuff can be used to save a lot of money on certain items, considerable amount of care should be taken not to abuse the company’s generosity for giving free items. Even the free items when used wrongly can be dangerous. That being said, here are the common mistakes that consumers make while requesting for the free stuff :

Request for things they don’t need

Most consumers will request for items simply because their friends have also requested for them or because they heard the company is giving out free stuff. This is unethical because the purpose of the free stuff online is to give you a chance to test the product and make the right decision when it comes time for you to buy it. There is no need to request for it if you don’t have any use for it.

Giving wrong shipping address

It’s also common for the consumers to give wrong shipping addresses when requesting for the free samples. The effects of this is that the free stuff online will be delivered to a different address and you won’t have the opportunity to get it. You thus lose a chance to test the product or save some money while buying it. This can be avoided by double checking the shipping address you give before submitting your request.

Give a lot of personal details

Consumers need to be educated on the particular details they need to get in order to have the free online stuff shipped to them. This is because some consumers give a lot of compromising information such as credit card details, telephone number, dates of birth yet these are totally irrelevant when requesting for the free stuff. The only details needed are the names, email and shipping address. Anything more than these should not be given out.

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