How to Avoid Bacteria from Public Cosmetic Samples

How to Avoid Bacteria from Public Cosmetic SamplesFree cosmetic samples are a great way to test out a product before you buy them and in comparison to receiving your own personal cosmetic samples, you may find it more advantageous to use the ones that are found in stores. When using these largely public samples, there are a few rules that you should consider following to ensure that you are not affected by bacteria. Below are some tips to use to avoid contamination of public cosmetic samples.

Inspect the Beauty Associates

The number one way to avoid bacteria that contaminates beauty samples is to watch how the beauty associates apply the makeup to their patrons and whether they clean their brushes afterwards. Professional beauty associates will generally have brush cleanser that not only removes makeup from previous applications, but it also helps to kill any harmful bacteria. Depending on the store that you visit, the beauty associates may also use disposable tools for their cosmetic samples such as cotton swabs and sponges.

Ask for Fresh Samples

The majority of women do not realize that it is perfectly acceptable to ask the store for fresh cosmetic samples prior to making a purchase. This will help to ensure that you receive factory sealed products that have never been used by other patrons. With the ability to have your own personal cosmetic samples, you will completely prevent yourself from contracting any harmful bacteria.

Try Samples On Your Hand

Although you may have heard rumors that your hand color is not true to the color of your skin, this is not always the case. Trying samples on your hand or on the inside of your wrist is a great way to determine whether a color will look good on you and if it applies well. Trying cosmetic samples on your hand has always been a common practice for women who are interested in buying specific products such as eyeliners, lipsticks, and eye shadows. Just remember to wash your hands afterwards before eating.

Taking Used Samples Home

If the beauty store that you are shopping in does not have fresh samples of the products that you are interested in trying, ask if they can put a small amount of the product into a disposable container for you to bring home. Although it won’t be a factory sealed product, it does provide you with the opportunity to apply it as you wish. This is a great method for avoiding bacteria that contaminates public cosmetic samples as you can use your own cosmetic brushes and make sure that they are properly cleansed before and after your application.

Cosmetic samples are incredibly useful for a numerous amount of reasons. With that being said, they are also incredibly popular amongst the general population. If you’re testing out samples at your favorite beauty store, consider the importance of keeping your application sanitary to avoid bacteria that could cause rashes and even medical ailment such as herpes.

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