2 Easy Ways to Score Beauty Samples Online

2 Easy Ways to Score Beauty Samples OnlineNo doubt every woman loves to get beauty samples in the mail. These can help you to decide on a particular product before you buy and can give you a chance to experiment with a new look or new color for your makeup. Free samples can also help to extend your makeup collection; you might run out of foundation one day but have enough samples to use for another week or even longer, or might find a good trial size lipstick in your collection for when your favorite gets too low or melts in the car.

It’s easy enough to get freebies online as many companies know these are a good way to bring customers to their front door or to get regular customers to try new products, and they’re often used when manufacturers introduce new products, colors, and so on. To score great beauty samples online, try these 2 simple tips.

Fill out surveys

Typically you need to provide an email address when you fill out surveys and this will be used for marketing purposes, but you get free makeup and other products in return! Use a separate email apart from your work email or personal email so your inbox isn’t flooded, but remember that those emails often include tips and advice and other special offers you won’t find anywhere else, so don’t just toss them away! At least skim them as they may be more helpful than you realize.

Look for coupons

Many sites that offer coupons will have offers for beauty samples online. These might be in conjunction with other offers but they are often for items that you would buy anyway, so it’s not an added expense. For example, you might buy a certain size of shampoo and get some free samples of body wash made by the same company, or you might buy a certain foundation and get a free trial size mascara to go with it.

These coupons are a great deal since you probably will need the products you’re required to buy, so why not get some free samples or trial size products in the process? The coupons might also include a certain deal on the regular size product once you decide to buy the sample, and this adds to your savings. These are just two ways to get great freebies through the internet!

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