10 Sites for Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids

10 Sites for Free Printable Valentine's Day Cards for Kids

Choosing Valentine’s Day cards is a really big deal to many children. The cards must be just right! For families with multiple children needing 25-30 cards to exchange per classroom plus cards for family and non-school friends, this annual tradition can become rather expensive. Luckily, there are many sites to visit for free printable Valentine’s Day cards that the kids will approve.

Family Fun Magazine has a several Valentine’s Day themed cards, crafts and printable activities. The Puppy Card for Valentine’s Day combines a basic printable with a little easy crafting. The image prints on standard cardstock-and is then cut out and assembled into the final product. It would make a cute card for teachers or staff at your child’s school.

If your child does not have his or heart set on a specific store bought set of Valentine’s Day cards to hand out in the classroom, there are three cute sets of mini cards at Kaboose. The cards do not, however, leave a lot of space for handwriting the “to and from” greetings-so little ones may have difficulty unless they use the blank space on the card’s back side.

Apples 4 The Teacher has a few printable multi-card sheets as well for use in the classroom exchange. The Classic Cards printable has four different cards while the Valentine Puppies prints four of the same card image per sheet. Again, children will need to write on the reverse side of these cards to find space to address them.

Several customizable Valentine’s Day cards can be printed free at Xerox. There are a number of cards that can be printed as notecards or folded cards as well as multiple card sheets. The 4 card sheets for girls and the ones for boys are brightly colored and allow the child to customize the text on each card.

Nick Jr. allows your child to print many Valentine’s Day cards containing their favorite Nick Jr. characters for free. On standard cardstock, each page will print four cards-including characters such as Dora, Diego, the Wonderpets, and Max & Ruby. This is a great, free alternative if your child seeks a more commercial like card set.

DLTK is another great resource for both Valentine’s Day themed crafts and printable Valentine’s Day greeting cards. Characters such as Sponge Bob, Scooby Doo and Blue from Blues Clues can be found as well as cute cards for teachers.

If you are looking for cards suitable for family and friends rather than those mass produced for the classroom, 123PrintCards.com has several pages of printable Valentine’s Day cards that can be customized with your choice of text. The site also offers easy to follow instructions for making card envelopes.

Preschoolers may like the options available from Sprout Online. The site offers multi card pages with printable Valentine Cards from Bob the Builder, Barney and Rubbadubbers as well as several print and color card choices.

Fisher Price offers another site to find larger, folded printed Valentine’s Day cards for family and friends. The site holds several print and color style Valentines. No cartoon characters or toy themed cards-just a selection of kid friendly images and texts. The card wordings are pre populated and cannot be customized, which may be a drawback if you like an image but not the text.

KidsTurnCentral.com has pages of Valentine’s Day themed printable cards for kids as well. These cards also print on standard cardstock and will print four different cards per page. Unlike many of the other printable cards mentioned here, these cards have spots for the “to” and “from” greetings on the printed card fronts, making them seem more like traditional purchased valentines.

With so many styles and free printable Valentine options, the kids are sure to find cards for that special Valentine’s Day exchange.

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