Which Retail Stores Give Out the Best Free Product Samples

Which Retail Stores Give Out the Best Free Product Samples

There is a huge craze in the internet about free product samples and so many companies are willing to give their products for free so that the customers can test them and buy them. But with the large number of companies, getting to know where to find the best samples can be a bit confusing. So as not to get confused, here are four retail stores that are known to offer the best free samples.


Kroger is a grocery chain store known to be very generous with its free samples. Their customers are always privileged to get samples of fresh and prepared foods on a regular basis. But in order to increase your chances of getting their free supplies, you need to be at the store during the mid morning hours as this is when the free samples are still available.


Walmart is a retail giant due to the fact that it specialized in offering customers with the most affordable prices. As a result, they are never in lack of free samples. As a matter of fact, they have dedicated a section of their website for advertising coupon codes which customers can use to redeem walmart free samples from their stores.


Target is also another great source of free product samples. The only problem with it is that you can’t redeem coupons for free products from their stores. You have to wait for even up to ten weeks for the product to be delivered to your address. But if you have the patience to wait, you can find very cool Target free samples.


Costco is one of the best places to sample products, especially foodstuffs. When you visit their stores, you will find attendants in every department sampling various kinds of products. With Costco, it is possible to walk in and sample over five different products by visiting different departments. This is very ideal for those who go shopping on an empty stomach.

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