What you need to Know about Baby Formula

What you need to Know about Baby FormulaBaby formula is one of the most cherished free baby samples in the United States and Canada as compared to the other available free baby stuff. Whereas this can be a good way of saving some money on the baby’s budget, there are certain inherent dangers of using the formula that no manufacturing company will ever let you know. But because you deserve the right to know as a consumer, the following are some of the risks that come with putting your child on the formula from a tender age.

Slow digestion

Babies fed on the formulas are predisposed to gastrointestinal ailments due to the fact that they have not yet developed the enzymes needed to digest such type of foods. This is opposed to the breast milk which is smooth enough and does not cause any difficulties in the tender child’s digestion system.

Lack of essential nutrients

For proper development of the brain and the nervous system, the right proportions of fatty acids and amino acids are needed in the baby foods. Most of the formulas given as free baby samples are deficient in these crucial nutrients thus hampering the normal growth and development of the child.

Low in antibodies

There is a steady supply of anti bodies coming from the mother to the child during breast feeding and this is crucial in the development of the child’s immune system. This is however not possible with the baby formulas. Hence most of the babies who were fed on the formulas are more susceptible to infections and diseases as compared to those who got adequate breast milk.

Though the convenience of the formulas as free baby samples can be admired by many, it is worthy to weigh the long term effects of the formula versus breast feeding the baby. If they are to be used, then it is recommended that they be used after the first six months during which the baby should be fed purely on breast milk.

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