Ways to Use your Friends for Free Product Samples

Ways to Use your Friends for Free Product Samples

There are a number of ways to find different varieties of free product samples. A lot of people rush to the social media platforms and the websites of the big companies to search for free samples by mail yet they ignore to use some of their friends who are in a position to supply them with a lot of free quality stuff. Here is how you can get various items from your friends working in different industries :

Radio Industry

If you have a friend working in the radio industry, then you can get a lot of promotional music from them for free. The stations are always frequented by aspiring artists who want more exposure for their music and they usually leave copies of their music at the stations. With a friend inside there, nothing prevents you from having lots of free music.


If you love partying, then you need to have a lot of bouncer friends. In most cases, the management of the clubs will give them the discretion to decide who gains access into the pub or they can be allowed a huge discount for particular persons of their preferences. As a result, bouncers will be happy to let their friends into the clubs for free or at very subsidized charges.


Knowing someone working in a supermarket or other retail stores is also a great way to get a lot of free product samples, especially the foodstuffs. Though this is common with the big retail stores, the small stores also have some free samples to offer but you may not know about them because they are less known or they don’t advertise massively like the top guns. But your friend working in the store can give you real time alerts in case of such offers so that you take advantage of them and save some money.

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