Tips for Making Your Makeup Samples Last as Long as Possible

Tips for Making Your Makeup Samples Last as Long as PossibleEvery girl loves to get free makeup samples either in the mail or in person when shopping. These can let you experiment with new brands or colors, and can fill in some gaps in your makeup bag or bathroom vanity. Samples can be found at just about every store and even online, as they’re a great way for stores and brands to bring in new customers.

When you do get those samples in the mail or when out shopping, how quickly do you use them? If you’re like most women you may find that they pile up and go unused for months especially if you know how to score lots and lots of samples. As with all your makeup, this can allow them to become outdated and even dangerous to use; expired makeup can cause breakouts and eye irritation very easily. Check out these simple tips for making your makeup samples last as long as possible.

Store them properly

Unless you plan on using them that day, don’t keep your samples in your purse as being in a hot or cold car for even a few minutes can ruin them. When makeup gets warm the pigment can tend to melt and the oils separate, causing it to look blotchy and patchy. Items like lipstick and anything else creamy is especially susceptible to heat, and cold can also make them too firm so they don’t spread as easily.

Store your makeup samples in a cool dry place until you’re ready to try them. This will help them to last.

Note the expiration dates

Your samples should have an expiration date just like your makeup, and you need to use them before that date. If you tend to load up on samples, you might keep a small notebook or chart of some sort that tells you when the samples expire so you can be sure to use them quickly. This is especially important for anything that comes into contact with your eyes such as mascara or eyeliner, and anything that is used liberally on your face such as a cleanser, moisturizer, or facial mask.

If you follow these simple tips you’ll see that your samples will last as long as possible. You’ll get more use out of them and won’t feel that your efforts to snag all those great samples have gone to waste!

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