Three Ways to Get Free Beauty Samples

Three Ways to Get Free Beauty Samples

It is the desire of every lady to be beautiful at all times and this can require some amount of money which unfortunately not many can afford. But the good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune if you know how to get free beauty samples ! You can take maximum advantage of these samples and look great without creating a dent in your pocket. Here are three ways you can use to get beauty samples and reduce your total expenditure on beauty products :

Join freebies site

Search for reputable websites that list free beauty samples on a regular basis and apply to be considered for the free samples that you feel interested in. While applying to the sites, use a junk mail as you are likely to be bombarded with thousand of junk mails daily. For security reasons, do not give your actual birth date as well.

Join Loreal Gold Rewards Member Club

The Loreal Gold Rewards Members Club is another method you can use to get free beauty samples especially the color box. When you sign up for the program, you will input a code in the gold reward system each time you purchase a box of color. Once you give at least three codes you will qualify for a $3 coupon code which you can use while purchasing the box color. You can as well wait and give up to five codes which will qualify you for a free loreal color box.

Follow the beauty companies in social media

Most of the beauty companies use the social media to get in touch with their customer and announce any free samples or giveaways they might have. By constantly following up such companies in the social media, you get the chance to know whenever they announce any free beauty samples which you can then go ahead and apply for. This will save you some money towards purchasing your beauty products.

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