Signs that Free Product Samples are Scams

Signs that Free Product Samples are ScamsSeveral people have fallen victims for fraudsters who sprawl the internet searching for free product samples lovers to scam. It is a fact that you will receive a lot of attention if you promise to give people free stuffs. There are a lot of online scammers who are taking advantage of this desperation by some people and it’s a good idea to develop the skills to determine between genuine freebies and the scams. This skill can save you from huge financial losses and from undergoing a lot of emotional pain.

The first sign to tell that free product samples offers are indeed scams is to evaluate the kind of information being requested. Genuine free sample offers will require minimal but basic information which is meant to facilitate the delivery of your sample. In most cases, this will only entail your names, email and mailing address. Be careful with persons asking for more details such as telephone numbers, date of birth, credit card information etc. These are either fraudsters or some unscrupulous companies who want to collect your data to conduct their own market research.

The other way to distinguish between a scam and genuine free product samples is when you are asked to make any form of deposit or payments so that you can have free product shipped to you. If you have to make any form of payment then this underscores the meaning of it being a free sample. You only make payments to scammers in order to be given free products and God help you if you actually receive you free sample.

The company offering the free product samples can also give an insight whether it is genuine or a scam. With the advent of the internet, you can easily search for the company’s ratings with the Better Business Bureau and find out on its legitimacy. If it has no records with the BBB, take to the hills and look for another alternative free samples.

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