How to Save Money on Cosmetics By Stocking Up on Free Beauty Samples

How to Save Money on Cosmetics By Stocking Up on Free Beauty SamplesHow much do you spend every month on makeup, skincare, body wash, fragrance, and hair care items? If you’re like most women chances are it gets very expensive for you once you start to consider all the products you use, and especially if you prefer the high-end cosmetics like Clinique, Smashbox, Makeup Forever, and so on. If you wear makeup every day and wear a lot, you can wind up spending hundreds of dollars every month!

One good way to save money on cosmetics is by stocking up on free beauty samples that are available from your favorite store or your favorite brand. Most companies offer these trial size products because they know they’re a good way to get customers to their stores or to introduce new products before they’re on store shelves. How can you use them to actually save money on the items you buy?

Choose what’s important

Think about what you spend the most money on every month when it comes to makeup, skincare, and fragrance. This is where you need to concentrate your efforts when it comes to getting free makeup samples! For example, suppose you wear foundation every day but rarely wear lipstick. You might see lots of offers for trial sizes of lipsticks but if you choose samples of foundation instead, you won’t need to spend so much every month on your makeup.

Getting freebies of fragrances and skincare and other items can be good for experimenting and it can be fun to try new things, but stocking up on what you really need is how you’ll actually save money.

Be careful of colors and blends

Sometimes women get so caught up in choosing their free samples or don’t pay attention to them at all so that they forget to check colors, blends, and other details. For example, you don’t want an anti-aging foundation sample if you have oily skin, and you may need to choose a different color of foundation for summertime when your skin gets darker.

If you pick and choose carefully the free beauty samples that you’re offered, you’ll find what’s best for you and what you really need. This will mean spending less at the store for the items you use every day. If you do this, you can make your free samples really work for you and wind up saving money down the road!

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