How to Join the Sephora Rewards Club for Free Makeup Samples

How to Join the Sephora Rewards Club for Free Makeup SamplesIf you love to splurge on high-end cosmetics, cleansers, moisturizers, perfumes, and other products, chances are you’ve shopped at Sephora, either in store or online. The store offers one of the largest collections of name brand cosmetics and skincare products, including such brands as Smashbox, Arden, Clinique, NARS, Origins, and many more. They even offer their own makeup and skincare line, which is typically a bit more affordable than other brands. Another great reason to shop their store is the free makeup samples you get with each purchase and if you join their Beauty Insider rewards club!

How does it work? Here are a few tips for scoring the most samples when you shop Sephora.

Score free samples with every purchase

When you shop online or in person, typically Sephora offers three free samples with every purchase no matter the amount. These samples change regularly and can be foundation, eye shadow, primers, moisturizers, cleansers, and even facial masks. They also may offer samples of shampoo or conditioner or various lotions. Be sure you ask for the samples in person when you visit the store in case they’re not offered to you.

Joint their Beauty Insider rewards program

Sephora also offers a great Beauty Insider rewards program that allows you to snag even more great free makeup samples. This program works by giving you points based on the amount of your purchase, and then once you earn a number of points you’re offered samples from which to choose.

The free makeup samples offered from their Beauty Insider program are usually larger and more luxurious than the samples you get with purchases. For example, they may include mini mascaras or a travel size sunscreen for the first 100 points, or a Sephora phone cover for 250 points. After 1000 points you may be entitled to a deluxe sample kit.

Your points are banked with the Beauty Insider program so you can save them up after every purchase and wait until you have enough for something deluxe. You can also earn the points even when you shop in person at local stores; use your email address or you can also get a card with your Beauty Insider rewards number that the cashier will swipe so your points are added to your account. Since you probably shop Sephora anyway, why not be rewarded with samples?

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