Important Tips for Making Your Beauty Samples Last

Important Tips for Making Your Beauty Samples LastGetting free beauty samples in the mail or when you’re out shopping is a special treat for any woman. Who wouldn’t love to come home from a day at the mall with a bag full of freebies or open the mailbox to find trial sizes of new makeup or skincare products? Many companies and brands give away free samples regularly as they know this is a good way to introduce new products or to reward loyal customers. They’re also a good way to get new customers to try what they offer and to increase business.

Your makeup counter or bag may be full of all the great beauty samples you’ve gotten over the past few months, but like your regular makeup, those freebies have an expiration date and if they’re not used quickly, they can begin to break down and even spoil. Oils can separate and the chemicals used in the products can also become harmful to your skin. How can you make those freebies last and ensure you don’t cause breakouts and other skin problems? Consider some quick tips.

Note the expiration date

Every pack or bottle you get of beauty product will have an expiration date on it. Note these carefully and be sure you don’t use the product after this date no matter how much you want to try something. Like food, makeup and skincare products are made with natural ingredients that spoil over time. You wouldn’t eat food that has gone bad, so don’t use makeup or skincare products that have also gone bad!

Using your product as quickly as possible is a good way to ensure it won’t expire, but remember this tip especially if you have samples that have been sitting on your makeup counter or in your bag for weeks.

Store them properly

You may notice that when you keep your lipstick or foundation in your purse it may tend to break down more easily since it’s exposed to heat and cold as you’re out and about. Your beauty samples are also susceptible to extremes in temperature, and if you keep them in your purse their packaging may tear or a bottle may come open.

Keep your samples in your makeup bag or on your counter at home rather than taking them with you. A cool dry place is the best area for those samples so they last as long as possible.

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