An Important Reminder for Using Your Free Makeup Samples

An Important Reminder for Using Your Free Makeup SamplesDo you love to get free makeup samples in the mail or when you go out shopping? Many stores and brands give these away with each purchase or allow their customers to join a rewards club of some sort. These usually give you points based on your purchases and these points go toward more deluxe samples. Free samples can be of cosmetics, skincare products, fragrances, and so much more! They can fill in some gaps in your makeup bag or help you test out a product before you invest in a full-size bottle.

While free makeup samples are fun to get and can be very useful, you need to ensure you’re making the most of those samples and aren’t wasting them. This is especially important if you use your samples to test products before purchasing as you want to know which ones work and which ones aren’t good for your skin or hair. Consider an important reminder for using those samples wisely!

Keep Good Track of Samples

If you use your free makeup samples to test out certain products before you buy, it’s good to keep track of what you used and how it worked for you. If you don’t do this, you may get overwhelmed with all those samples you try and may forget what you wanted to purchase and what looked blotchy or made you break out!

One good thing you might do is write down all the samples you get and note which ones are good for purchase and which to avoid, or give them a score and feedback so you can compare each one. One foundation might give you good coverage but seems to wear off quickly, whereas another lasts all day but feels dry. Using those notes, you might try reapplying the first foundation throughout the day to see how it works or use a thicker moisturizer under the other to see if it doesn’t feel so dry.

Note Brands, Colors, and Other Details

Along with feedback about your free makeup samples you need to note the brands, the colors, and other details. Did you use the anti-aging moisturizer or the light daytime choice? Was the foundation color ivory or light ivory? Eye shadows may be matte or glittery, and lipsticks come in all sorts of blends. Write all this down in your record so you know you’re keeping good track of what you love!

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