How to get scammed with Free Product Samples

How to get scammed with Free Product Samples

The lure for free things makes a lot of consumers vulnerable to a number of scammers in the internet. As much as we all appreciate free product samples since they help us to save some cash, everyone needs to learn how to identify and avoid dealing with scammers in the internet. Here are a few methods that will ensure you are safe from any form of scamming while searching for free samples :

Never pay for a free samples

Be careful with any website demanding any form of payment, however little it may be. Some sites will ask for payments claiming that they are for handling or processing fees to facilitate the delivery of your free product samples. The samples are only free if you don’t pay anything and you should always take to your heels the moment someone requests you for money in order to get a free sample.

Deal with reliable websites

It is preferred that you outsource your freebies only from the reputable and reliable websites. This is because they have a good reputation with the public and since they want to continue being the market leaders, they will maintain high standards at all times. Therefore, they have less chances of engaging in any malpractices with regards to their free product samples initiatives.

Don’t give away sensitive information

Most of the companies giving free product samples will only need little personal information that will facilitate the delivery of your free sample. This basically includes your name, address and probably your telephone number. The moment you see a company asking for details such as social security number or bank details, know that this might not be a genuine company because such details are irrelevant as far as free samples are concerned. Simply don’t give such information.

Trust your instincts

There are occasion when you might feed a deal that sounds too good to be true about a particular free sample. Unless it is from the reputable companies, simply trust your instincts and don’t play along.

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