How to Get Walmart Samples

How to Get Walmart SamplesIf you love shopping at Walmart, then you have a lot of opportunities to try out different Walmart samples. The companies that deal with Walmart likes to offer them various free product samples and they in turn avail the samples to their shoppers. With such an arrangement, shoppers have a chance to try out similar products from different manufactures and only purchase the ones that they find to be more satisfactory. Basically, there are two methods through which shoppers can access the Walmart samples and they are as discussed below:

Samples from Walmart Website

From the Walmart website, shoppers are free to request for product samples right from the comfort of their homes. The retail giant will usually post various free product samples on a weekly or even daily basis. These are available on the free samples section of the website and a shopper simply requests for the products they are interested in after which they give their mailing details. The samples usually arrive after a few weeks and the common ones available are snack foods, cereals, makeup, shampoo, greeting cards etc.

Samples from Walmart Stores

The second method to get Walmart free samples is to visit the stores near your locality. Walmart is fond of organizing different free samples event to give free products to their shoppers in the region. Such events normally come during weekends when most shoppers are not at work as this will give many shoppers the opportunity to participate. In order to take maximum advantage of such events, it is imperative that the shoppers know the actual dates when the events will be held and this is sometimes posted on the website or it can also be obtained from the stores. Some of the products available in such events include beverages, personal care products, foods etc. Therefore, be keen the next time the store will be having Walmart free samples event and take the opportunity to collect some products for free.

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