How to Get Target Samples By Mail

How to Get Target Samples By MailThere have been complaints by people who fail to get their free target samples by mail after requesting for them and this has made a few customers doubt the sincerity of some of the free samples. Though it’s a fact that the free samples by mail can at times take a while before reaching, there is a possibility that the sample delayed or was not delivered due to errors or omissions made by the customer when applying for them. Below are some of the reasons why your free sample may still fail to hit your mail box even if you did everything correctly while applying at the Target website:

Applying for wrong samples

There are certain manufacturers who target their samples only for a given locality or to a given group of people. If you do not fit such application criteria and you go ahead and apply for the Target samples, chances are that you will be disqualified and the item will not be shipped to you. Therefore check on the terms and conditions that the guide applications of the samples before you submit your request.

Sample arrive when you are away

Suppose your Target samples hit your mailbox when you are away on vacation and the postman finds the box full, he will to go back with the sample and send it back to the Target. In this case, you will miss to find you free sample in your mailbox. The easiest way to avoid such an inconvenience is to inform the post office that you will be away for certain duration hence they cease any deliveries until you are back.

Wrong mailing address

The other reason which might make you not get you Target samples by mail is if you provided a wrong mailing address while applying. This will make Target send your free sample to a wrong address and as such, it will never reach you. In order to avoid this, simply review the information you provided to Target and ensure that the mailing address is indeed correct.

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