Why You Did Not Get Your Free Stuff by Mail

Why You Did Not Get Your Free Stuff by MailThere are always complaints by consumers that they request for certain free stuff by mail but they end up not receiving them. Several factors could be responsible for such a situation and in most of the cases it usually results from omissions or mistakes by the persons making the requests. Here are some of the common reasons why you might not get your free samples by mail:

Applying for the wrong samples

There are certain companies who restrict their free stuff by mail only to a given demographic or people living in particular region. This could be based either on the age, gender, marital status, etc. When you request for samples whose profile you do not fit, chances are high that your request won’t be considered hence nothing will be shipped to you. The only way to avoid this is to read all the condition and be sure that you qualify before requesting the sample.

Failure to confirm applications

Most of the free stuff by mail will require the requesters to confirm their applications in order to make the requests valid. But most applicants leave in a hurry after clicking the submit button and fail to notice the prompt to confirm their request. The system will thus show the application as incomplete and it is possible that the company may not ship your free stuff.

Wrong shipping address

It’s also common for people not to receive their free stuff my mail if they fail to give the correct shipping information when requesting for the free stuff. This cannot be blamed on the company as they will simply ship the product to the given address whether it is right or wrong. It’s thus necessary to double check all the information that you give when making the request to eliminate the chances of giving wrong addresses which might make the free stuff to be shipped elsewhere.

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