Free Printable Thank You Cards

Free Printable Thank You Cards

Buying thank you cards can be so expensive. It is also such a pain to have to spend the time to go to the store. Free printable thank you cards a perfect. Printable thank you cards are so easy to make. It is also a great project for kids. You can teach your kids about manners, and they can have fun while learning. Here are the top places for free printable thank you cards :

DLTK: This site has quite a few different categories for free printable thank you cards. I also like that on this site there are quite a few theme choices that would appeal to kids. This site it nice because it takes you through a step by step process that lets you customize a card, and make it completely your own. You start by choosing a theme. Then you work on the outside of the card. They first have a selection of images from you to choose from based on your theme. Then you pick what words you want and the color. Now its on to the inside of the card. You can write anything you want on the inside of the card, they help you format it by choosing what font and size you want. You then get to see a sample of your card, and you can make any changes if you need to. If you like your card you print it. It is a very easy site to use. It is also nice because they give you a lot of freedom in making your card.

Print Free: This site has a large collection of things that you can print for free. This is a nice site to go to if you want to print anything, they have calendars, cards, pictures, and lots more. They don’t have a huge selection of free printable thank you cards, but they do have a few nice ones. They do allow you to customize the card, but not as much as some of the other sites. This site is sometimes hard to navigate around you sometimes have to spend a little time looking for the link that you want.

American Greetings: American Greetings are known for their cards. They have a lot of different categories of free printable thank you cards. They have Disney, humor, kids, workplace, and a lot more. The only think you have to pay attention to on this site is that some of the cards or not free cards. Right by each card it tells you if it is a free card, to print the other cards you have to join American Greetings.

Fisher Price: This site doesn’t have a huge selection of free printable thank you cards, but they have somethings that are unique. This site has free printable cards that you can print and color. I really like this idea because it is great for kids. This lets your kids have a big part in making the card. It is a great art project for kids.

ECards: This site has a nice selection of free printable thank you cards. The unique thing about this site is that once you customize your card you can choose if you want to print it or you can send it to someone by email. I like that this site gives you the option to email the card to someone.

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