How to Detect Fraud in Free Online Stuff

How to Detect Fraud in Free Online StuffThe internet is full of scammers sprawling around looking for free stuff lovers to scam. The ability to detect such schemes is an online shopping survival technique that all shoppers should posses. It can save them from losing crucial data that can compromise their personal security as well as their bank information. Here are some simple methods to detect if a free online stuff offer is a fraud so that you avoid further dealings with them :

Credit card details

An outright sign that a free online stuff offer is a scam is when they ask for information relating to your credit card details. There is no need to have such information in order to receive the free stuff and those asking for the details are bent on using them to conduct malice. Never agree to let them have such information.

Request for shipping costs

Genuine companies will deliver the free stuff online to anyone who requests absolutely for free. They will not ask for anything like handling or shipping costs in order to get product. By paying even a single dime negates the item from being free because the consumers are already spending on it. Whenever you are requested to pay for the shipping costs, simply pass the free stuff and look for others that do not have such requirements.

Responding to long surveys

Again there is no justification why consumers need to respond to long surveys in order to land free stuff online. Companies with such long surveys are marketing agencies who wants to trick the consumers in providing them with free data to facilitate their market research. Avoid taking surveys that are a couple of short question requiring simple answers.

Credibility of the company

There are many wheeler dealer sites which claim to be offering free samples and free stuff online. Before dealing with these companies, take a moment and check their standings with the Better Business Bureau. Check their data and if you are convinced with their reviews and authenticity, go ahead and request for the stuff or else avoid them as plaque.

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