The Dangers of Free Stuff by Mail

The Dangers of Free Stuff by MailJust like with everything else, free stuff by mail does not come without associated risks and dangers. But the good news is the risks are actually not as big as compared to the benefits of having them hence people are still encouraged to request for them. Presented here are some of the potential risks that are associated with the free stuff.

A long time to ship

Unless they are food samples that you immediately sampled at the stores, some of the free stuff by mail can take a long time before they hit your mail box. This can reduce the enthusiasm that one had when they were making the request and reduce the impact they will have when they finally arrive. Sometimes they even arrive when someone had long forgotten that they had requested for them.

Possibility of running into scams

With everything online, there is always the possibility of running into scams and free stuff by mail is not an exemption. The scams masquerade themselves are requests for credit card details, telephone numbers, personal information and long surveys. But with caution, it is easy to identify such scams and safely navigate through them without risking your personal safety or the exposure of your crucial data.

The come in small quantities

The free stuff by mail are always delivered in very small quantities that are hardly enough according to most of the consumers. Despite the fact that they are free, there is a general consensus that the very small quantities are simply not enough for testing purposes.

Temptation to request stuff not needed

Because the stuffs are given for free, some consumers use free stuff by mail to request for items they have no need for. This makes a lot of people to accumulate very many stuff that they finally end up throwing away. It is encouraged that you avoid such a temptation and only request stuff you know you will actually need.

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