Can You Really Get Free Makeup Samples By Filling Out Surveys?

Can You Really Get Free Makeup Samples By Filling Out Surveys?What woman wouldn’t love an armful of free makeup samples arriving in her mailbox every single day or week? Free samples can help you decide if a certain brand or color of makeup is right for you before you invest money in a full-size bottle, and they can let you experiment with different looks or styles quickly and easily. Those samples can also introduce you to new skincare products and things like face masks or moisturizers you wouldn’t otherwise try. Many stores and brands are happy to give away samples because they know they’re a good way to get repeat customers, to reward loyal customers, and to convince current customers to try their other products.

One way that you can get some free makeup samples is by filling out surveys online. Do these really work and if so, is there any type of catch to getting samples this way? What happens to the information you submit with these surveys and it is safe? Consider a few tips to remember when it comes to surveys that promise free samples you see on the internet.

Use a Separate Email

Most surveys want you to provide an email address so they can send you offers or confirmations before they send you the samples. It’s good to use a separate email just for these things so you can keep newsletters and sales offers away from personal correspondence and your work email. Start a Yahoo or Gmail account just for these types of offers you see and this will make it easier for you overall.

How Your Information is Used

In most cases those surveys will use your information to help them advertise more effectively, or they may ask you to sign up for those newsletters and offers mentioned above. Your address might also be used for sending other samples and coupons, but each survey site is different. To better understand how your information is used when you fill out a survey, read the fine print. They should tell you exactly how your email or mailing address will be treated after you fill out the survey.

For added protection, never share personal information like your Social Security number, bank account numbers, and so on. Most surveys are very legitimate and safe but it’s always good to take proper precautions when online no matter the site or offer.

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