Baby Registry as a Source of Free Baby Products

Baby Registry as a Source of Free Baby ProductsWhen it comes to free baby products, every one focuses on the big brands to get items such as diapers, formula etc but they overlook the power of a well designed baby registry. The baby registers give expectant ladies a chance to make a list of all the items the wish to have as presents for their babies. Their friends can then go through the list and purchase the items for them as free gifts. But this can be a very cool tool for getting a lot of baby products for free. This is how.

Sign up for more than one register with multiple stores and let you friends know about all of them. The reason for doing this is to increase your exposure for receiving multiple gifts of different values. You might decide to have a register for high priced items and one for low priced items. This will give your friends who cannot afford the expensive items to also participate by purchasing you the cheap products, and in doing so, you increase your chances of getting a lot of free baby products.

Baby registry also has a tendency to make people want to help you naturally. They will become excited that you are having a baby and they will want to do everything to ensure that they play a role. You take advantage of their emotions and tell them about the various registers you already have for the baby and they will be more than willing to help you secure some of the items for you. This will be beneficial to you since you continue to fill up your basket of free baby products.

Another cool thing about baby registry is that they can have items eligible for store credit as well as gift card. The beauty of this is that when you return something from the registry back to the store, the stores gives you credit for it. When you accumulate such credit and add them with coupon codes, you can get nice items such as car seats or strollers for free from the stores. So the next time you hear about baby registers, think of the ways you can use them to get free baby products.

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