What to Avoid When Looking For Free Samples Online

What to Avoid When Looking For Free Samples OnlineSometimes free samples online are never free as they claim to be. This happens when there are certain unscrupulous dealers who are keen on frustrating the shopper’s search for the free samples. In most cases, they run cartels of online scams that mainly target credit card information or crucial personal data of the searchers for malicious reasons. In order for the users to be safe in their search for free products, it is imperative that they avoid the following lest they run directly into the trap of the scammers:

Credit card information

Never have credit card details become relevant in the request for free samples. Credit card details are only needed when one wants to purchase stuff online in which case, they cease to be free samples online. Users should desist from any attempts to give out their credit card information while requesting for free samples. These are some of the antics used by scammers to steal crucial information without the users’ knowledge.

Responding to long surveys

There is also no need for users to respond to long and boring surveys. This is not to allude that the surveys are not important but they should not be more than a couple of questions which should not take a long time to answer. Long surveys when one is requesting for free samples online may be tricks by online market research agencies to collect consumer data which they will then use for market research and analysis.

Giving personal details

The only details needed to get a free sample online delivered to the mail box are the name of the user, email address as well as the shipping address. Every other information is not necessary and users should be careful before they give details such as date of birth, telephone numbers, occupations, etc as these kinds of information can compromise their safety as well as that of their family members.

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