3 Tips to Avoid Free Food Sample Scams

3 Tips to Avoid Free Food Sample ScamsThere is an adage that says that the way to man’s heart is through his stomach due to the influence that food can have on a person. But when it comes to free food samples, especially those promised over the internet, it is imperative to be extra cautious and not let the stomach make the decisions. Watch out keenly as there are a large number of food sample scammers who can trick you without you knowing and end up gaining crucial information from you which might later on compromise your personal safety and security. The following tips are meant to help you avoid most of the online food sample scams-:

Avoid filling surveys

During the current times when there are so many companies offering free food samples, filling out surveys in order to qualify for the samples is a pure waste of time. In most cases, those requiring completing surveys are keen on getting your data for their own market research and they may end up sending samples that are not worth the time and the pain of responding to the long and boring surveys. Simply avoid them and move to the next free samples.

Be careful with the information you give

Never give more than your name, email and mailing address when requesting for any free food sample. These are the only information needed to get the samples delivered to you. Any company asking for further information like telephone numbers, credit cards details, age, etc should be perceived with the contempt they deserve as they are not genuine and they may harbor some ulterior motives.

Asking for deposits

You don’t have to make any deposit of whatever nature in order to be given a free food sample anywhere as this underscores the meaning of it being free. There are certain companies who will trick the shoppers in making very small deposits before they can be sent the food samples. When you meet with such, simply take to your heels with your credit card tightly kept in your wallet lest you risk getting scammed.

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