3 Reason People Get Scammed with Free Stuff Online

3 Reason People Get Scammed with Free Stuff OnlineOnline shoppers are always thrilled with the idea of requesting for free stuffs as they perceive this to be a way of getting valuable items without digging into their pockets. But as the thrill increases so does the chances of getting scammed increase. Too much love for free stuff online can easily make someone give a lot of details about themselves with can give scammers a free ride into reaping them off. Below are some of the reasons why people get scammed so easily with the lure of free stuff.

People give a lot of personal details

It is never necessary to give too much personal details when requesting for the free stuff. Only your name, email and mailing address are the important information needed to get the free stuff delivered to you. But to some shoppers, they end up giving information such as telephone numbers, nature of their jobs, date of birth etc and these compromises a lot on their personal safety and also make them vulnerable to be scammed with the free stuff online.

Releasing credit information

Some scammers will trick shoppers to give their credit card details in order to qualify for the free stuff online. Such free stuffs are never real and they never get delivered. What the people behind them are after is to get your credit card information and God knows what they can do with it. Credit card details are only necessary when you are shopping and should never be given out when simply requesting for free stuff.

Making small deposits for the free stuff

No genuine free stuff will ask the shoppers to give make a small deposit either for shipping or handling costs. Whenever you make any form of payment for the stuff, it no longer becomes free because you have paid. Besides, making a deposit underscores the purpose of the product being a free stuff and such offers should be viewed as scams.

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